Pencils Box of 24

In a box that brings to mind colouring pencils, Lavoratti offers 12 or 24 filled pencils. No food colourings here, either. What colours our pencils is the freshness of our fillings, with a surprising range of flavours.


Product Info

Net weight480g
Storage notesKeep in a fresh and dry place.
Content24 assorted Pencils in 12 flavors:

2x Pistachio

2x Salt

2x Sage from Parco del Beigua

2x Late Tangerine from Ciaculli

2x Valleggia Apricot

2x Taggiasca Olive Oil

2x Peach from Volpedo

2x Hazelnut

2x Lemon from Cinque Terre

2x Milk from Granda

2x Blood Orange

2x Bergamot