Dark chocolate covered Hazelnuts with salt

Lavoratti 1938 offers a selection of dragées with surprising new flavours to enrich our Mediterranean tale: the date from the oasis of Kebili in central Tunisia, covered in milk chocolate; the almond covered in dark chocolate and salt; the amazing Ethiopia Yirgacheffe coffee, named after the area of the same name in the highlands of central southern Ethiopia, whose beans we have covered in dark chocolate; and Pistachio and Hazelnut also covered in dark chocolate and a pinch of salt.
Dragées first appeared in France and it was Catherine de’ Medici who introduced them to Italy in 1533 to delight her guests.


Product Info

Net weight200g
Storage notesKeep in a fresh and dry place.
IngredientsCocoa minimum 60%. Cocoa paste, Cocoa butter, full fat powder milk, Hazelnuts, Sugar, Salt (0,4%), Cocoa powder, emulsifier (non-OGM soy lecithin).
Average nutritional values    100g Energia 2521kJ/608 kcal Grassi 47g di cui acidi saturi 14g, Carboidrati 33g di cui zuccheri 27g, Fibre 4,3g, Proteine 11g, Sale 0,51g